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Do The Math Comedy Album

by Jason Owens

We have made this audio preview available for you. Click the triangle on the player below to get a sneak peek of Joe’s comedy album “Do The Math” When you are ready, just look for the menu above and click Store. You will find Do the Math packaged together with a second bonus album “A […]

You Are Important — I Want to Thank You Personally

by Jason Owens

I asked Rick Warren this penetrating question a few years ago: What do you think about the role of the evangelist in today’s culture? He essentially said that the evangelist’s role was over… There are no more Billy Grahams. Experientially, he is right. The number of evangelists has dramatically dwindled in past thirty years. Biblically […]

Siri and Spirit

by Joe Phillips

I’ve had it for a long time. Didn’t want to use it. Simply not interested. I was suspicious and set. Suspicious of new technology, as it seems I’m on overload with it. Set in my ways. I like simple, because simple fits me. The whole idea of a woman’s artificially intelligent voice instructing me sort […]

“What’s an Evangelist, Pastor Heath?”

by Joe Phillips

He Had Time. He made an appointment with me. I was thankful. My whole future hung in the balance and my pastor, Charles Heath, agreed to meet with me and talk. He had baptized me and he was a big deal in my life. Every week, he preached to over a thousand souls and he […]


by Joe Phillips

Comfort Food: (noun) simple, home-style food that brings comforting thoughts of home or childhood. There is a place in downtown Charlotte, called Mert’s that offers such fare. Collard greens, fried chicken, okra, cornbread and such. In terminal A of the Atlanta airport, I can find great “comfort food” at Paschal’s. There is usually a line, but […]