I’ll never forget one time when Libby and I stopped at the drug store so she could pick up a prescription. I stayed in the car with the kids, but as she walked into the pharmacy I said to the kids, “Your mother is a fox.”

Dustin, who was four years old at the time, quickly said, “She’s not a fox!”

I tried to explain that what I was saying was a compliment, that I thought she was hot. I wanted them to know I thought their mom was pretty. But it didn’t register with Dustin or the girls.

When Libby came back to the car Dustin told on me by saying, “Momma, Daddy called you a wolf.”

I laughed so hard while trying to explain to my wife that I had not called her a wolf, but I had called her a fox. So, from time to time, I tell Libby she’s a wolf in memory of that funny moment.

It’s one of those private jokes that couples share.

One of the many funny stories and gold nuggets shared by Dr. Jerry Nance (pg 42) in Fundamentals in Family Life.

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